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Answers to your real estate questions

Have any questions about real estate? At your side for all your real estate needs, L'immobilier 100% entre Particuliers answers all your questions related to for sale by owner real estate.
View on-line the questions most frequently asked by private individuals and who, like you, chose to buy or sell a property 100% privately. You’ll learn a few things about for sale by owner real estate, neighbours, rentals, renovations & maintenance, buying & selling.

The answers L'immobilier 100% entre Particuliers provides in response to your questions within the scope of this section serve to communicate both general and documented information but should under no circumstances replace legal counsel.
If you too have real estate-related questions, contact us via the section: Your real estate questions (For questions of a more private nature, please contact the appropriate professionals e.g. Notary, local government, etc.).