Sell your property to buy a new home

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Selling and buying a property
Sell to buy, it’s the right time

If you are a little short of space with a growing family. If your dream is a house with a garden. But the financial environment and the conditions for getting a home loan appear daunting you might well think twice before selling your home to buy a new property. But in fact, it is quite possibly the best time to make a great deal when buying a new home.

Take advantage of the drop in prices

If you have owned the property you wish to sell for over ten years you will have made a significant added value in spite of the recent drop in property prices. You will not therefore make a loss and can take advantage of the drop in prices to buy your new home. On one hand you will have cashed in the added value on your home and on the other you will be buying at a realistic market price; selling your home to buy a new one is therefore a winning strategy.

Property, a solid investment

Many experts, such as Frédéric Boury, Associate Manager of Aestimo Finance et Patrimoine, consider that property remains, more than ever, an excellent investment. Although prices are being adjusted downwards at the moment, there is no risk of a property crisis in France. Buying into bricks and mortar therefore remains a solid investment.

The government supports the property market

The State recovery plan for French banks; drops in the European bank rate; the monthly credit barometer; the State guarantee on home loans... the government is supporting the property market and is taking steps to ensure that French banks, which have become cautious further to the subprime crisis subprime crisis, keep providing access to property credits.

Updated on: 25/11/2008

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