Development: installing a pool

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Swimming pools are within the reach of an increasing number of households; there are now, in fact, about 1.3 million swimming pools in France.
Before starting construction, take advantage of a few good pieces of advice.

The paperwork

Make a trip to the Town Hall to find out whether you will need a building permit.
In principle, buried uncovered models don’t need this document since they are not considered a construction. Although, even in this case, the regulations of your subdivision may actually require it.

Your land

For the surface area, consider the pool's surface area and add a 2 m margin for the edging. Don’t forget the technical room either. Stay away from trees to avoid both falling leaves and a possible cave in.
Your land must be flat and, don’t forget, the builder will need to bring in some fairly heavy pieces of machinery.
Not only that, but you should inform your neighbours of your project so that they can anticipate any nuisances.

Safety measures

Contrary to popular belief, the gate is not mandatory BUT you are required to install a safety system for accidental falls.
You can choose between a gate, a coverage system, or an alarm (refer to our article on mandatory safety devices).

The cost

On average, you can start dreaming of diving into turquoise waters starting at €20,000.
Your pool will add rental value to your property and may just carry you to a higher category.
Furthermore, installing a pool heating system does not entitle you to a tax credit, even if it happens to be an environmentally friendly one.
Finally, don’t hesitate to get several quotes from different companies before you start.

Updated on: 21/02/2008

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