Selling real estate: the Notary

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CategoryPractical guidelines
ChapterBuying real estate

the Notary's role

The role of the Notary in the real estate transaction.

The Notary is central to the real estate sales transaction. He/she is in fact responsible for drawing up the sales contract.
The Notary is a Public Officer whose role consists of receiving all acts and contracts to which the parties must or would like to give a binding nature.
He/she will check that both parties, especially the buyer, have been informed of the characteristics of the property (area, presence of asbestos, lead, etc.). This duty of information engages the Notary’s responsibility.
Notary fees for the acquisition of property are at buyer’s expense and, on average, amount to 6.5% of the total sale price for older buildings and about 3% for newly built properties; 1% goes to the Notary, the remainder being comprised of duties and taxes recovered by the State.

Updated on: 08/02/2007

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