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Buying real estate

Are you looking to buy a house, an apartment, or land without going through an agent?

You’ve got millions of unanswered questions? What is involved in the real estate sales process? Does the price of the house I like correspond to its true value? What is included in Notary fees?

This chapter contains what every buyer needs to know before making the commitment to buy.

Frais notaire
Notary fees
Obligatory for all real estate transactions, Notary fees are an extra cost to provide for

Certificat urbanisme
The zoning certificate
This document provides information on the constructability and the rights and obligations associated with a piece of land

Signing the pre-sale contract
Signing the pre-sale contract
The pre-sale contract is the first step towards signing the official deed.

The cooling-off reconsideration period
The cooling-off or reconsideration period
You have a 7-day cooling-off period during which you can reconsider your decision to purchase property

Buying at the right price
Buying at the right price
Learn how to assess property value…

Frais annexes
Extra costs
Calculate your housing costs as accurately as possible to avoid overextending your budget

the Notary's role
The Notary
All real estate transactions require a Notary