Jean-François Dubois, Founder and President

The compagny was established in 1992 based on a drive to offer an innovative European-wide property services exclusively reserved for transactions between private buyers and sellers.

Over 20 years’ experience of promoting property transactions that are 100% between private buyers and sellers has established L'immobilier 100% entre Particuliers as one of the market leaders.

Expertise and efficacy are part of the secret to its longevity, the main part however being continuously offering high quality service to private buyers and sellers.


How ? By means of a vast and wide-reaching, constantly being reviewed communication plan to recruit buyers in France, Europe and all over the world in order to build up a qualified database of buyers.

Also, by continuously developing communication tools and channels, many of which are exclusive, to ensure optimal contact between 100% private buyers and sellers.

Finally, by investing in human skills and state of the art technologies.