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Separate the different search locations by commas
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Separate the different search locations by commas
Example: 34000, 91, Paris, Camargue


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Practical guidelines  RSS

My tradesperson is charging a cost overrun in relation to the price initially quoted
Renovation cost overrun
How to challenge an invoice in case of an increase in the cost of a project following effective approval

The art of well-being in the home with Feng Shui
Feng Shui
Design your interior to create a feeling of harmony

Rentals, what documents are required for signature of the lease
Lease documents
Lease: list of compulsory and non-compulsory documents

The selections of the week

Maison / Villa F4 La Seyne Sur Mer (83)
Maison / Villa-F4-LA SEYNE SUR MER-2262685
Maison / Villa-F4-LA SEYNE SUR MER-2262691

BAISSE DE PRIX. Villa de plain pied de 116 m² édifiée sur un terrain de 357 m² clos. Très agréabl...

Maison / Villa F4 - 114 m²  
315,000 €
Immeuble La Flotte (17)
Immeuble--LA FLOTTE-2007803

En l'état actuel : ensemble de 4 logements à rentabilité locative : F1 + 2 F2...

300 m²

1,505,000 €

Maison / Villa F5 Cabris (06)

Belle propriété de caractère standing, vue mer panoramique , sous-sol 100m2...

Maison / Villa
270 m²

1,250,000 €

Maison / Villa F8 La Cerleau (08)
Maison / Villa-F8-LA CERLEAU-2154990

Propriété de caractère. Terrain clos arboré, sans vis à vis, sans travaux. So...

Maison / Villa
520 m²

1,985,000 €

Propriété F12 Rians (83)

A 35km d'Aix en Provence. Quartier calme, vue dominante sur village et colli...

396 m²

1,100,000 €

News Advice  RSS

Prestige real estate, the luxury sector is affected by the financial crisis

Luxury property
Gone are the times of price hikes, the luxury property sector is also subject to the effects of the financial crisis

Property prices in Brittany, price per m² drops

A return to sensible pricing levels in Brittany after a drop in prices per m²

Could it be the right time to sell your property to buy a new home?

Why not sell and take advantage of the drop in property prices to buy a new home

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